Panorama view of exhibition in Jedlitschka Gallery, Zurich.

Panorama view of exhibition in Jedlitschka Gallery, Zurich.

21 April 2017

Dr Great Art Podcast epsiode 11, "Syncretism, Easter, Mongrel Art"

The newest Dr Great Art podcast, Episode 11 ! Syncretism, Easter, and Mongrel Art! Syncretism is the blending, layering and uniting of different beliefs of various schools of thought. Easter is the holiday most evidencing syncretistic thought. Mongrel Art is a syncretistic form of art. Democratic Art syncretistically involves people outside the field of art in artistic processes.

27 March 2017

Dr Great Art New Podcast, Episode 10: "Why Art History?"

The newest podcast episode (Nr. 10)! Dr Great Art: "Why Art History!" What are the lessons art history can teach us? The lessons of art history are that they are lessons. That is a tautology, but an illuminating one worth elaborating upon. It is necessary to know history as personal empowerment for artists: to test the present with the often surprising facts of the past, to note how and why "official" history has often changed; second, to discover one's own personal, vital ancestry; and finally, in order to criticize and change art history.

08 March 2017

Dr Great Art Episode 9: "Mannerism is Now!"

The newest podcast episode (Nr. 9)! Dr Great Art: "Mannerism is Now!" A short Artecdote about how our time, Postmodernism, resembles and indeed IS a form of Mannerism.

19 February 2017

Dr Great Art Episode 8: "African Art Survey Problems" in Teaching

The newest podcast episode! Dr Great Art: "African Art Survey Problems." A short Artecdote concerning the difficulty in teaching an overview, or intro survey to Sub-Saharan African art, plus a free art image bank to download. Link to podcast:

Image bank link: